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Digital Ice Age - Scatch 'n Sniff Data, MOTI Museum publication 2016
A romantic appreciation of the dirty digital culture, rather than clinical critiques
Social media testosterone, MOTI Museum publication 2015
The death of adulthood by Vine’s boy culture antics.
Tears, trauma’s, tragedies, MOTI Museum publication 2015
A plea for better exhibitionism in vlog culture and re-appreciation of YouTube as a mentor for personal engagement.
We are angry!, MOTI Museum publication 2015
Clicktivism as socially cohesive entertainment in mainstream digital culture.
Oh, oh, my outlook on the world, MOTI Museum publication 2015
The globalized digital age as a new tool for anthropological introspection.
How social are the social media?, MOTI Museum publication 2015
Tactical social monitoring as a Silicon Valley business model.
Distrust TED talks, the Messiah is not wearing a mic, MOTI Museum publication 2016
Technology optimism as semi religion.
The heritage museum as theme park, MOTI Museum research article 2015
Spectacular icons long gone create the mogul museum of the future.
Mob mentality: hypes, hysteria and nasty journalism, MOTI Museum research article 2015
How are social media hypes, fads, memes and bad journalism from Vice redefining and defiling our mainstream media culture so economically successfully?
Internet optimists retake the web, Groene Amsterdammer 2014
Playful new ambitions in web art after the angry web art of the nineties.
Follow the green line/against digital dictatorship, Groene Amsterdammer 2014
MOTI Museum’s selection of a new generation of digital artists in optima forma.
Jeremy Scotts Logo Logistics, MOTI Museum publication 2014
Remixing logos for brand value: fast food-pop culture as a sad afterbirth Avant-garde statement.
Coca Cola’s Pop Soda Propaganda, MOTI Museum publication 2014
Faux idealist advertising as an emotional branding tool for the masses.
Futura Bold Italic: Barbara Kruger and the street wear cronies, MOTI Museum publication 2014
Shameless aesthetics appropriation of conceptual art by big money street wear brands.