Exhibitions, projects, writing and talks about visual culture, digital culture, contemporary art and design.





Ward Janssen is a curator, researcher, writer and producer working in the field of visual culture, digital culture, contemporary art and design. From 2008 on he has worked on exhibitions, film programmes, publications, articles, design projects and art commissions.

Following several years working as a photographer and producer in fashion and advertising, he turned to curating and producing exhibitions and projects featuring a wide range of international artists and designers for festivals, art institutions and museums.

In his projects he has addressed a diverse variety of topics and phenomena on the forefront of innovative and activism driven media explorations in art and design cross overs, with subjects as: digital materiality in post internet art, digital art artifacts and trends, the cultural relevance of internet hypes, social media platform subcultures, privacy as a design subject, virtual reality and augmented reality innovation, design fiction and futurism ideologies, fashion media strategies for the new media age, film and design cross overs, digital animation, independent game culture, the changing genre of the music video as experiment for the post tv media landscape, art film as cinematic experience, short and feature films and documentaries as avant-garde statements, design as a self help discipline for the future.

Projects he has worked on have been supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Creatie Industries Fund, Fonds 21, VSB Fonds, BankGiro Loterij, Dutch Ministry of OCW, Municipality of Breda, AFK - Amsterdam Art Fund, Ammodo, KunstLoc Brabant, Filmfonds NL, Creative Europe - Culture, Creative Europe - Media, Eindhoven-Brabant Creative Capital of Europe 2018.

Floriade World Expo 2022 - curator of art programme, 2020 - present
The Image Society - curator, researcher, 2017 - present
Cinekid Festival - head of visual culture, 2017 - 2020
Stedelijk Museum Breda - curator, 2017
MOTI, Museum of the Image - curator, 2013 - 2016
House of Visual Culture - head of programme, 2011 - 2013
House of Visual Culture - head of marketing, 2011
Cicada Studio - curator, producer, art director, 2009 - 2011
FILM + DESIGN Festival - curator, producer, 2009 - 2010
International Film Festival Breda - programme coordinator, 2009 - 2010
International Film Festival Breda - programmer, 2008

Kunstfort Vijfhuizen - advisor, 2019 - present
Royal Academy of Art The Hague - advisor department Interactive/Media/Design, 2018 - present
Creative Industries Fund - advisory committee Digital Culture, 2017 - present
Creative Industries Fund - advisory committee festivals, 2017
Fundraising for artists, projects and festivals, 2015 - present

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