Artistic director and curator of ALLUMINOUS, a festival dedicated to innovative theatrical forms and artistic methodologies in the genre of light art in the city of Almere. ALLUMINOUS presents artworks commissioned to collaborating duos of theatre professionals and visual artist, as new concepts for the artistic realm of light art, presented along a five kilometer route around Almere’s Weerwater-lake. 

2024 festival edition in preparation.

2023 - In duo commissions: Theun Mosk & Oceanic, Maaike Fransen & Juul Dekker, MAISON the FAUX & Linda Bosch, Zindzi Witte & Serano Pinas, Enric Monfort/Black Pencil & Jurjen Alkema. Additional artworks: Vendel & de Wolf, UXU studio, Iwan Smit.
2022 - In duo commissions: Meeus van Dis & Neal Groot, Simon Wald-Lasowski & Hendrik Walther, Heleen Blanken & Marieke Nooren, Daphne Karstens. Additional artworks: Gali May Lucas, Mads Vega, Clay Dorse Odom, Nicole Banowetz.

Vis à Vis, Suburbia, Gouden Haas, BonteHond, Black Pencil, Light Art Collection, Carte Blanche, Ulrike Quade Company,  M. Museum. TSR AV, Circuloco. 

location Almere public space
production ALLUMINOUS team
film Tanja Busking
images by Fabian Landewee, Maarten Nauw, Clemens Wildschut
2022, 2023, 2024